Mount Ever-Rest, a Kalamazoo, Michigan cemetery, is facing a lawsuit accusing it of not buying a woman’s parents according to their wishes and refusing to correct its mistake.

The woman’s father purchased several plots for himself and his immediate family prior to his death in 1989. He and his wife intended to be buried in the same plot, under a tombstone that read “Together Forever.” Sadly, the cemetery ended up burying the man in the wrong plot, and when his wife died in 2002, she was buried beneath the headstone, all alone.

The couple’s daughter visited the cemetery on a regular basis, even after moving to Tennessee. Her suit claims that she did not learn of the cemetery’s mistake until 2011, when her husband died and the plot that was meant for his burial was found to be occupied. The woman wanted her husband to be buried next to her parents’ combined grave, but he could not be since the spot he was meant to be buried in was occupied incorrectly by her father. She made several attempts to have the cemetery correct its mistake, but it refused.

The lawsuit seeks $10 million in damages and accuses Mount Ever-Rest of misrepresentations and negligence. The woman says that her parents cannot rest peacefully until the cemetery’s unreasonable mistake is corrected.