While not every job requires its employees to use vehicles, many do. Unfortunately, this requirement can increase the risk of a worker being involved in a vehicle accident by a significant amount. Because the injuries that often arise from vehicle accidents can be so serious and so expensive to treat, it’s important that workers who have to use vehicles for their jobs are aware of the workers’ compensation benefits that they may qualify for if they are involved in a vehicle accident while performing job-related activities.

In Pennsylvania, any company employing one or more employees, whether full or part time, are required to possess some form of workers compensation. This is required so that workers who are injured while carrying out their regular job duties have a source of financial security in the event that they cannot return to work or incur costs that over-extend their financial capabilities. Depending on the vehicle accident, a worker could find themselves facing extremely burdensome physical injuries and financial costs. In cases such as this, workers’ compensation benefits can be essential, as they often provide financial stability and security.

Injuries from Vehicle Accidents

The injuries that might occur from vehicle accidents are widely varied, but some are seen more often than others. For instance, among the more commonly reported injuries in the United States that arise from work-related vehicle accidents are:

  • – Broken bones and fractures
  • – Spinal cord injuries
  • – Back / neck strains
  • – Head trauma / brain injuries
  • – Concussions

Vehicle accidents can be extremely expensive and frightening, especially when they cause a person to suffer from these or other injuries. If you or a person you know has been involved in a vehicle accident while on the job, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer today to discuss obtaining compensation for yourself or your friend.