Suffering from a debilitating injury or developing a disability can have a number of significant physical side effects. However, in addition to the physical pain or discomfort that often comes with an injury or disability, a person may also suffer from financial distress, causing them to need monetary support to help them maintain a normal standard of living for the duration of their injury or disability. In many cases, people file for disability benefits. Sadly, many people make critical errors in their applications that cause them to suffer immediate rejection of the benefits that they may actually deserve and desperately need. However, in most cases, there are people who can help applicants with their initial application, so as to increase the chances of avoiding common errors.

Common Errors

Certain errors that cause a disability application to be denied actually recur fairly regularly, causing many people to initially be denied their benefits. Some of the most common errors seen on long term disability benefits applications involve:

* Missing application information
* Exaggerated personal information
* Incorrect personal information
* Filing the incorrect form for benefits

These errors can be especially troublesome for an applicant who needs financial assistance right away. Getting compensation after an injury or disability can sometimes be a long process, which puts more of a strain on injured persons who need assistance quickly. Many injuries and disabilities prevent a person from returning to his or her normal job, causing him or her to need disability benefits as an alternative source of income.

However, if you or someone you know has suffered a disability because of a work-related injury and is looking for more information on the legal and financial options available, contact an experienced Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney today and learn more.