While many dogs are friendly and will not typically attack a person, any dog has the potential to injure someone and is more likely to become aggressive when it is angry or frightened. Another factor that can contribute to the violence of a dog is the level of an owner’s involvement and control over a dog. If a dog owner refuses to regulate the behavior of his or her dog, the dog may easily injure another person suddenly, causing serious injuries.

The injuries that are often caused by dog attacks and dog bites can be very serious. Many people don’t give these injuries the due respect that they deserve and allow injuries to remain untreated. Unfortunately, this is often when dog bite injuries become the most dangerous. One of the most serious side effects of a dog attack can be infection; when an injury is not treated and a person develops a serious infection, he or she could be facing terrible side effects that he or she is not prepared to handle physically or financially.

Several Injuries

There are so many different injuries that can result from a dog attack, but all can be dangerous for victims. Some dog bite-related injuries that appear again and against include:

Broken bones
Rabies infections
Blood loss
Loss of consciousness

All of these injuries can be very serious, even initially, and can become even more so if a victim refuses to get the necessary treatment. However, some victims neglect to seek treatment because of its costs. But all dog bite or dog attack victims should know that they may be entitled to monetary compensation if a dog owner failed to control the actions of his or her dog, resulting in a victim’s injury.

If you or someone you know has been attacked by an aggressive dog and has sustained serious physical injuries or financial costs, contact an experienced Detroit dog bite attorney today to discuss some of your legal options.