A crane collapse can be one of the most horrifying mechanical errors during a construction project. These accidents are often preventable and can inflict significant injuries that otherwise would not have occurred. If a construction worker is injured because of an avoidable crane collapse, the projects general contractor may be legally liable for the consequences. A worker may be able to obtain compensation for injury-related costs, including medical expenses, through a successful legal action.

Crane collapses may be caused by a variety of problems that are often entirely preventable. Through proper maintenance and care, cranes may be operated with few problems. If an employer fails to ensure that stabilizers and other crucial safety features are working properly on the crane before it is used, the results can be destructive and might inflict upon workers life-changing injuries.

In addition to problems with mechanical failures, the use of the crane needs to be properly planned and prepared for by a general contractor. This requires clearing an area for the use of the crane, making sure that any electrical elements are turned off or safely avoided, and verifying that the crane’s weight can be supported by the ground or platform it is put on during use. If the necessary steps are not taken to ensure safe and well-planned use of the crane, these heavy machines can malfunction and may fall or topple over as a result.

If your injuries were caused by a crane collapse, there may be legal options available to help you seek financial compensation. A New York construction accident attorney can help you to better grasp your options and to take action against the party liable for your injuries and suffering.