Anytime someone develops a medical condition due to toxic exposure or defective pharmaceutical products, there are many different damages they may suffer from. If they choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against those who are at fault for their illness, compensation for these damages will be sought in court, whether they have specific monetary value or not. The following are some of the damages for which a victim of toxic exposure or pharmaceutical defects may be compensated:

Lost income – Unfortunately, when someone is ill they are still obligated to take care of their day to day financial expenses. However, their illness may prevent them from continuing to earn an income, which can lead to serious financial consequences. In a personal injury suit, the amount of lost income due to the illness is calculated, as well as the level of financial damage done, and appropriate compensation is given.
Short term medical costs A sudden illness may require emergency medical visits and initial testing to determine what the victim is suffering from. These costs can quickly add up.
Long term medical expenses

When someone’s illness is serious, it often means that ongoing medical care is needed. Ongoing medical care is extremely expensive, and families may struggle to pay for the necessary medical care without appropriate compensation.

Physical and mental pain and suffering Victims of toxic exposure or pharmaceutical defects often go through significant physical as well as emotional pain. Personal injury lawsuits attempt to mitigate these damages by providing financial compensation
Loss of enjoyment With most medical conditions, victims are left with an inability to enjoy previously enjoyed activities. In these cases, compensation is provided in order to compensate as much as possible for the loss of these activities.

If you or a loved one is the victim of toxic exposure or pharmaceutical defects, you could be entitled to compensation for these damages and more. Don’t hesitate to contact a skilled Sheboygan, Wisconsin personal injury lawyer about your case today.