With an estimated one out of every two marriages ending in divorce, thousands of couples decide to end their marriages every year across the United States for a number of different reasons. And while no couple believes their marriage will one day end in divorce, for the majority of cases, it is the best decision for all parties involved. There are a number of myths and misconceptions associated with divorce that a many people believe. Unfortunately, these misconceptions can be very harmful for both spouses and may even encourage them to stay in an unhealthy relationship for too long.

Before making any decision about divorce, it is important to speak with someone who has experience handling divorce cases and who can answer your questions so you make the best decision possible.

Dont Fall for These Myths
There are a number of myths about divorce that you should know exist and not fall for. These include the following:

* Second marriages are more successful than first marriages This is a common myth but is actually not true. An estimated 60 percent of second marriages fail, compared to roughly 50 percent of first marriages.
* Having kids will save a marriage Raising children can oftentimes be more stressful than marriage itself. The stress related to parenting can oftentimes push parents apart.
* Mothers always receive custody of children This is a common belief but it is not 100 percent true. Although mothers win custody in the majority of cases, if the mother is not fit to care for the child, the father could receive custody.
* Living together before marriage will increase the chances of a successful marriage While many couples believe it is a good idea to practice living together before marriage; studies actually show the opposite effect.

To learn more about your case and your legal options, contact a divorce attorney today and get started on getting out of an unhappy and unhealthy marriage.