Defining Driver Error

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A large number of car accidents in the United States are associated with driver error. Driver error refers to a broad variety of mistakes that a motorist may make behind the wheel which, though it may have been unintentional, creates a danger for others on the roadway. Anyone who is injured as a consequence of an accident caused by driver error may be able to seek financial compensation through a civil lawsuit against the responsible party.

Driver error can take many different forms, but most of these errors result in an increased chance of a car accident and subsequent injury to another person. This injured person could be facing more inconveniences than physical injury. Depending on the severity of an accident and the injuries sustained, emotional trauma is likely and costly medical treatment may be necessary. Coupled with ones missing of work, this can create a significant financial strain as well. Though legal action cannot undo the damage or eliminate the pain, it can help to relieve associated financial burdens.

Forms of Driver Error

Because driver error is such a broad term, it encompasses many different types of mistakes. The following are representative forms of driver error which may have contributed to or caused your accident:

  • Misjudging necessary braking distance
  • Not using turn signals when turning or switching lanes
  • Taking a turn too quickly
  • Depressing the wrong pedal or operating in the wrong gear (for trucks)

These and many other forms of driver error threaten the safety of motorists. If you suspect that you have been the victim of driver error, it is advisable to speak with an experienced car accident lawyer about your possible case.

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Truck Accidents Caused By Employer Negligence

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Commercial trucks or 18-wheelers are involved in close to 500,000 accidents every year in the United States. And while all motor vehicle accidents are dangerous, truck accidents are especially devastating because of their size and weight. In fact, these vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded. Because of the high risk of destruction, the safety of the driver and every other motorist on the road depends on a number of factors from the condition of the vehicle to drivers actions, and even the actions of the truck driving company.

Truck companies have a number of responsibilities, all of which help keep motorists safe while on the road. Their responsibilities range from ensuring trucks are in proper working order and that drivers meet all qualifications. When trucking companies do not act responsibly, they are knowingly putting innocent lives at risk. If you have suffered an injury from a negligent truck company, you may want to take legal action by filing a civil lawsuit.

Examples of Employer Negligence
When truck drivers act recklessly and fail to live up to their responsibilities, they may be held liable in the event of an accident. Some common examples of trucking company negligence include the following:

* Hiring unqualified drivers who dont have a drivers license or commercial drivers license
* Not properly training new drivers
* Failing to ensure drivers are following the hours of service laws
* Hiring drivers who have criminal records or history of DWIs
* Not properly inspecting and maintaining vehicles before sending them on the road

If you have suffered due to any of the above actions, dont hesitate to get in touch with an experienced and committed Wisconsin personal injury lawyer who can help you fight and recover financial compensation. You dont have to go through this time alone so call and speak with an attorney today.

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Truck Accidents

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Major truck accidents have been happening as long as 18-wheeler trucks have existed. The potential for dangerous and deadly accidents is particularly high when the proper precautions are not taken. Over the decades since its invention, semi-truck safety has improved, and trucking companies have been required to meet higher standards of safety than ever. These important requirements protect both the drivers of semi-trucks as well as those with whom they share the road. Unfortunately, semi-truck accidents are still a somewhat common occurrence, and they can still cause severe and even deadly injuries. In some cases, it may not only be the error of the driver at fault, but also the negligence of the trucking company.
Common Types of Employer Negligence

Trucking companies are entrusted with many responsibilities when it comes to safety on the road. Carelessness or negligence towards these responsibilities can result in tragic consequences. Common types of trucking company negligence include:

Violation of hours of service regulations
Violating hiring regulations by hiring unlicensed drivers
Hiring untrained or poorly trained drivers
Hiring truck drivers with a history of substance abuse/alcoholism
Hiring truck drivers with poor driving records
Lack of maintenance on trucks
Lack of proper procedure for safely loading trucks
Avoiding regular inspections

Whether the mistakes which lead to the accident were intentional or unintentional, a trucking company which fails to practice a reasonable level of precaution and safety may be held liable for any accidents that occur as a result.
Legal Action
When the negligence of another person or group results in another person’s injury, that person may be entitled to financial compensation from those responsible. If you or a loved one was involved in a truck accident that occurred as a result of driver or employer negligence, you may wish to take legal action in order to gain compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and more. To learn more about your legal rights, contact a Kenosha, Wisconsin personal injury attorney today.

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Dangerous Injuries Caused By Dog Bites

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While many dogs are friendly and will not typically attack a person, any dog has the potential to injure someone and is more likely to become aggressive when it is angry or frightened. Another factor that can contribute to the violence of a dog is the level of an owner’s involvement and control over a dog. If a dog owner refuses to regulate the behavior of his or her dog, the dog may easily injure another person suddenly, causing serious injuries.

The injuries that are often caused by dog attacks and dog bites can be very serious. Many people don’t give these injuries the due respect that they deserve and allow injuries to remain untreated. Unfortunately, this is often when dog bite injuries become the most dangerous. One of the most serious side effects of a dog attack can be infection; when an injury is not treated and a person develops a serious infection, he or she could be facing terrible side effects that he or she is not prepared to handle physically or financially.

Several Injuries

There are so many different injuries that can result from a dog attack, but all can be dangerous for victims. Some dog bite-related injuries that appear again and against include:

Broken bones
Rabies infections
Blood loss
Loss of consciousness

All of these injuries can be very serious, even initially, and can become even more so if a victim refuses to get the necessary treatment. However, some victims neglect to seek treatment because of its costs. But all dog bite or dog attack victims should know that they may be entitled to monetary compensation if a dog owner failed to control the actions of his or her dog, resulting in a victim’s injury.

If you or someone you know has been attacked by an aggressive dog and has sustained serious physical injuries or financial costs, contact an experienced Detroit dog bite attorney today to discuss some of your legal options.

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Compensation For Toxic Exposure Or Pharmaceutical Defects

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Anytime someone develops a medical condition due to toxic exposure or defective pharmaceutical products, there are many different damages they may suffer from. If they choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against those who are at fault for their illness, compensation for these damages will be sought in court, whether they have specific monetary value or not. The following are some of the damages for which a victim of toxic exposure or pharmaceutical defects may be compensated:

Lost income – Unfortunately, when someone is ill they are still obligated to take care of their day to day financial expenses. However, their illness may prevent them from continuing to earn an income, which can lead to serious financial consequences. In a personal injury suit, the amount of lost income due to the illness is calculated, as well as the level of financial damage done, and appropriate compensation is given.
Short term medical costs A sudden illness may require emergency medical visits and initial testing to determine what the victim is suffering from. These costs can quickly add up.
Long term medical expenses

When someone’s illness is serious, it often means that ongoing medical care is needed. Ongoing medical care is extremely expensive, and families may struggle to pay for the necessary medical care without appropriate compensation.

Physical and mental pain and suffering Victims of toxic exposure or pharmaceutical defects often go through significant physical as well as emotional pain. Personal injury lawsuits attempt to mitigate these damages by providing financial compensation
Loss of enjoyment With most medical conditions, victims are left with an inability to enjoy previously enjoyed activities. In these cases, compensation is provided in order to compensate as much as possible for the loss of these activities.

If you or a loved one is the victim of toxic exposure or pharmaceutical defects, you could be entitled to compensation for these damages and more. Don’t hesitate to contact a skilled Sheboygan, Wisconsin personal injury lawyer about your case today.

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Dangerous Effects Of Dog Bites

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While many dogs are friendly to humans, fulfilling the stereotype of being mans best friend, any dog has the potential to become dangerous, especially if he or she is scared or feels threatened. Sometimes, dogs are also just more aggressive than people anticipate and may lash out at a nearby person without warning. In either case, it is the responsibility of every dog owner to understand his or her dog’s tendencies and to guard against a dog attacking others. If a dog owner fails to control the actions of a dog, then that owner might be held legally responsible for the injuries that the dog causes.

While certain injuries from dog bites might not seem like a major problem, even the most seemingly minor injury can develop into a much more serious problem, especially if not treated properly. Sometimes injuries can require extensive medical attention, which can be beyond the financial reach of a dog bite victim, but some victims are able to obtain compensation for their injuries and subsequent medical costs.

Side Effects of a Dog Bite

Every individual situation may be different from someone else’s, but some effects of dog bites are reported more often than others. Several of the most common side effects of a dog bite involve:

  • Lacerations / blood loss
  • Fractures / broken bones
  • Infection / illness
  • Rabies
  • Disability development
  • Disfigurement

According to the Sampson Law Firm, these effects might have a number of consequences for a victim, especially financial ones. Treatment for the above injuries might easily cost thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention the cost of a routine disruption that often comes with receiving medical treatment.

However, victims of dog bites might have legal options. If you or someone you love has suffered from a dog bite and would like to know more about obtaining compensation for your injuries or illness, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer today.

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