Penalties For Public Intoxication

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Alcohol-related charges in the state of Texas can have severe consequences for those who are ultimately convicted in their cases. However, some convictions do result in more serious consequences than others. Public intoxication convictions, particularly when it is a person’s first conviction, tend to have less harsh consequences than, say, a third-offense DUI or DWI case. However, Texas courts still take public intoxication very seriously and generally handle alcohol-related cases severely in comparison to many other states. Thus, it’s critical that a person both understand the potential consequences facing him or her if convicted and seek legal help in such a situation.

What Determines the Penalties?

The consequences of a public intoxication conviction can vary hugely. Because the circumstances of any public intoxication case can vary greatly, so too can the consequences for a public intoxication conviction. Some of the variables that might factor into a person’s penalties include:

  • Level of intoxication
  • Previous offenses
  • Any damage caused during the incident
  • Any injury caused during the incident

These variables can greatly change a person’s sentence if convicted of public intoxication. Public intoxication charges are not always pursued, as the criteria for making one can sometimes be subjective. An individual has to be acting in a way that the enforcing officer believes is obnoxious, disorderly, or dangerous, which is not something that is easy to prove objectively. The laws for public intoxication vary from state to state, so it’s important to be aware of how your state treats drunken behavior to avoid any potential mishaps or accidental offenses.

Potential Penalties

If convicted, a person might find themselves burdened with the following penalties:

  • Mandatory alcohol-awareness courses
  • Legal monitoring
  • Community service hours
  • Financial penalties
  • Jail time

These consequences can greatly impact a person’s day-to-day life and might even have an effect on his or her permanent record. This is especially true of second or third offenses. As such, it’s very important to do everything in one’s power to ensure that he or she receives fair and strong legal representation to give him or her the best chance at reducing or eliminating the charges or penalties against him or her.

If you or someone you know is facing charges of public intoxication, contact an experienced DWI attorney today to evaluate your case and discuss potential defense options.

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DUI Penalties In Washington

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Having a couple of drinks with friends is something many people over the age of 21 do for fun in Washington. While a fun activity that usually ends with a couple of good memories, sometimes drinking can result in a person being pulled over by a police officer under the suspicion of driving under the influence. Unfortunately, this can lead to a very serious situation for anyone, as a DUI conviction can drastically affect a persons personal, professional, and financial well-being.

However, a person facing such a charge is not without options and should have an aggressive, experienced, and passionate attorney protecting their rights and interests. Should you find yourself in this situation, speak with a local Bellevue DUI lawyer today about what legal options are available to you.

1st Offense Penalties

When charged with a DUI in Washington, a person will find themselves facing different penalties depending on their BAC level. According to Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, if a persons BAC is below .15, they could face the following penalties:
* 24 hours to 1 year in jail, or 15 days of enforced electronic home monitoring
* No more than 5,000 in fines, but no less than 865.50
* 90 days of drivers license suspension

If, on the other hand, a persons BAC level is .15 or greater, they could find themselves facing the following increased penalties:
* Between two days and one year of incarceration, or 30 days of electronic home monitoring
* Between 1,120.50 and 5,000 in fines
* Drivers license suspended for one year

Additionally, regardless of a persons BAC level, they could be saddled with the following consequences:
* Installation of an ignition interlock device
* Required SR-22 insurance
* Potential alcohol/drug education classes

These penalties may increase and become more serious depending on a number of factors, such as where the DUI occurs, whether there is a minor in the car, and any prior convictions or charges.

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Avoid These When Taking Accutane

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For 30 years, the prescription drug Accutane has been prescribed to millions of people around the nation to treat moderate to severe acne. However, the pharmaceutical product was recently discontinued in 2009 after it was linked to a number of serious side effects including birth defects, Crohns disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and ulcerative colitis. If you are taking Accutane, there are a number of activities you should make sure to avoid.

Like many prescription drugs, Accutane causes changes in the persons body. These changes also mean you have to make some changes with your lifestyle or with activities you choose to participate in. Continuing to partake in these activities could put the user at severe risk of an injury.

What to Avoid
If you are currently taking Accutane, you need to know how the drug affects your body. Some activities you should avoid if you are on Accutane include the following:

* Spending large amount of time in the sun This includes sunbathing or even going to tanning beds. Those on Accutane can be very sensitive to ultraviolet radiation; therefore, exposure to sunlight or UV rays for a long time could increase the chance of skin cancer.
* Procedures that damage your skin This includes anything from waxing to laser treatments or even microdermabrasion. Because Accutane increase the chance of suffering scars, any of these procedures can be very damaging.
* Driving at night In low lighting, Accutane can reportedly cause impaired vision. This could greatly increase the risk of an accident at night.

Along with these side effects, you may also suffer serious, life-altering consequences if you develop Crohns disease or any other inflammatory bowel disease. To learn more about your case and whether or not you are eligible to take legal action against these pharmaceutical companies, contact an attorney and pursue an Accutane lawsuit.

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Why You Still Need An Attorney In No-Doubt Liability Cases

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While there are some cases where establishing fault in a personal injury claim can be complicated and very involved, there are other situations where it is very clear who is at fault and liable for damages without much debate. In these cases, many plaintiffs are under the impression that they do not need to pay a legal professional to stand by their side and assist with the process and can instead handle it on their own. And although these no-doubt liability cases can be handled much faster rate than other personal injury cases, it does’nt mean you should handle them on your own.

These cases still require a significant amount of work and sometimes an even larger time commitment. That is why it is important you still consult with a skilled and experienced legal professional to help you with every aspect of your case. No matter who is at fault, make sure you still seek professional legal counsel.

What a Lawyer Can Do For You

The financial cost of medical bills and lost wages can be overwhelming for any person. That is why you shouldnt mess around when it comes to handling your case. Even if the case is a no-doubt liability case, you still need an attorney to help you take care of the following:

  • Representation during the entire case
  • Help with filing out all required paperwork accurately and completely
  • Handling any potential problems you may face along the way
  • Help solidify the seriousness of your case
  • Fight to get you the maximum amount of financial compensation as possible

Even if you believe you have a no-doubt liability case, a lawyer can still give you the best possible chance at winning your case and recovering damages. You don’t have to face this time alone. A personal injury attorney can help you every step of the way to ensure you recover the maximum amount of compensation as possible.

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Common Automotive Defects

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New and used cars are sold every day in the U.S., and consumers should be able to trust that the vehicle that they purchase does not have any defects. Such defects can greatly increase the likelihood of a car accident occurring, involving a driver and anyone else who may be in the car as well. Most commonly, car accidents involving automotive defects are completely unpredictable, depending on the defect that happened, making them particularly dangerous. Unfortunately, this causes those affected to usually suffer devastating injuries and hefty financial costs.

The costs associated with automotive defect-related car accidents can be extremely high, and many people cannot afford these costs according to their particular financial situations. If a person’s injuries are serious enough, he or she could be facing emergency medical treatment, surgical costs, prescription medication, and costs associated with any necessary physical therapy. Fortunately, if another persons reckless actions caused the accident, the victim may be able to pursue legal action against that party in an effort to obtain financial compensation.

Common Defects

Although an automobile may become defective in a number of ways, some automotive defects are reported more often than others. For instance, some of the most common defects include:

Design errors
Structural errors
Child safety seat defects
Airbag issues
Seat belt defects
Tire or rim defects
Increased risks of rollovers

These defects can easily make a vehicle much more dangerous, and sometimes victims just don’t see an accident coming because they believe that their vehicle is safe. But many times, manufacturers of unsafe or defective automobiles can be held legally accountable for victims’ injuries and costs.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a vehicle accident because of an automotive defect, contact an experienced Stevens Point personal injury lawyers today to discuss your options for obtaining financial compensation.

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Filing Assistance For Disability Applicants

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Suffering from a debilitating injury or developing a disability can have a number of significant physical side effects. However, in addition to the physical pain or discomfort that often comes with an injury or disability, a person may also suffer from financial distress, causing them to need monetary support to help them maintain a normal standard of living for the duration of their injury or disability. In many cases, people file for disability benefits. Sadly, many people make critical errors in their applications that cause them to suffer immediate rejection of the benefits that they may actually deserve and desperately need. However, in most cases, there are people who can help applicants with their initial application, so as to increase the chances of avoiding common errors.

Common Errors

Certain errors that cause a disability application to be denied actually recur fairly regularly, causing many people to initially be denied their benefits. Some of the most common errors seen on long term disability benefits applications involve:

* Missing application information
* Exaggerated personal information
* Incorrect personal information
* Filing the incorrect form for benefits

These errors can be especially troublesome for an applicant who needs financial assistance right away. Getting compensation after an injury or disability can sometimes be a long process, which puts more of a strain on injured persons who need assistance quickly. Many injuries and disabilities prevent a person from returning to his or her normal job, causing him or her to need disability benefits as an alternative source of income.

However, if you or someone you know has suffered a disability because of a work-related injury and is looking for more information on the legal and financial options available, contact an experienced Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney today and learn more.

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