DUI Penalties In Washington

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Having a couple of drinks with friends is something many people over the age of 21 do for fun in Washington. While a fun activity that usually ends with a couple of good memories, sometimes drinking can result in a person being pulled over by a police officer under the suspicion of driving under the influence. Unfortunately, this can lead to a very serious situation for anyone, as a DUI conviction can drastically affect a persons personal, professional, and financial well-being.

However, a person facing such a charge is not without options and should have an aggressive, experienced, and passionate attorney protecting their rights and interests. Should you find yourself in this situation, speak with a local Bellevue DUI lawyer today about what legal options are available to you.

1st Offense Penalties

When charged with a DUI in Washington, a person will find themselves facing different penalties depending on their BAC level. According to Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, if a persons BAC is below .15, they could face the following penalties:
* 24 hours to 1 year in jail, or 15 days of enforced electronic home monitoring
* No more than 5,000 in fines, but no less than 865.50
* 90 days of drivers license suspension

If, on the other hand, a persons BAC level is .15 or greater, they could find themselves facing the following increased penalties:
* Between two days and one year of incarceration, or 30 days of electronic home monitoring
* Between 1,120.50 and 5,000 in fines
* Drivers license suspended for one year

Additionally, regardless of a persons BAC level, they could be saddled with the following consequences:
* Installation of an ignition interlock device
* Required SR-22 insurance
* Potential alcohol/drug education classes

These penalties may increase and become more serious depending on a number of factors, such as where the DUI occurs, whether there is a minor in the car, and any prior convictions or charges.

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Avoid These Common Personal Injury Lawsuit Mistakes

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Innocent people are injured in accidents every day across the country. Fortunately, the injured victim may be able to take legal action and recover financial compensation if they were injured due to someone elses negligent actions. When people act recklessly and cause an accident, they may cause much more than just physical or emotional harm. They may also cause financial injuries as well in the form of medical bills, prescription costs, and lost wages. Personal injury lawsuits can be very complicated to handle on your own, and in some cases, a plaintiff may even be prohibited from taking legal action due to certain areas of the law. You can avoid making a number of potentially serious mistakes by speaking with a legal professional beforehand to ensure you are taken care of every step of the way.

Common Lawsuit Errors

If you feel like you deserve financial compensation, a simple mistake with your case could prevent you from recovering damages. You can greatly reduce your chances of making an error with your case by increasing your knowledge of the law. Some common mistakes you need to make sure and avoid include the following:

  • Waiting too long to file your case If you wait too long and file after the time limit in the statute of limitations expires you cannot take legal action and lose your chance at recovering financial compensation.
  • Not hiring a personal injury lawyer to help Many people believe they can handle their case without the help of a personal injury lawyer. This can be a grave mistake and could seriously hurt your chance of recovering enough compensation to pay for your damages, or worse, no compensation at all.
  • Filing the same lawsuit against the same defendant twice Due to the legal principle res judicata, it is illegal to file the same lawsuit against the same defendant in a case that has already been settled.

To learn more about other mistakes you should avoid during your case, get in touch with an experienced and caring lawyer today.

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Common Divorce Myths

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With an estimated one out of every two marriages ending in divorce, thousands of couples decide to end their marriages every year across the United States for a number of different reasons. And while no couple believes their marriage will one day end in divorce, for the majority of cases, it is the best decision for all parties involved. There are a number of myths and misconceptions associated with divorce that a many people believe. Unfortunately, these misconceptions can be very harmful for both spouses and may even encourage them to stay in an unhealthy relationship for too long.

Before making any decision about divorce, it is important to speak with someone who has experience handling divorce cases and who can answer your questions so you make the best decision possible.

Dont Fall for These Myths
There are a number of myths about divorce that you should know exist and not fall for. These include the following:

* Second marriages are more successful than first marriages This is a common myth but is actually not true. An estimated 60 percent of second marriages fail, compared to roughly 50 percent of first marriages.
* Having kids will save a marriage Raising children can oftentimes be more stressful than marriage itself. The stress related to parenting can oftentimes push parents apart.
* Mothers always receive custody of children This is a common belief but it is not 100 percent true. Although mothers win custody in the majority of cases, if the mother is not fit to care for the child, the father could receive custody.
* Living together before marriage will increase the chances of a successful marriage While many couples believe it is a good idea to practice living together before marriage; studies actually show the opposite effect.

To learn more about your case and your legal options, contact a divorce attorney today and get started on getting out of an unhappy and unhealthy marriage.

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Mediated Divorce

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Although it can be very difficult, sometimes filing for a divorce is the right thing for a couple to do. Legal separations such as these can become very complicated and confusing, especially during such an emotionally trying time. Some divorcing couples find that traditional procedures used for divorce create an overly hostile environment and, thus, choose to opt to enlist the services of mediator. A mediator can actually make the process much easier and may at least keep an unpleasant process from burdening either party with unnecessary difficulties. While a divorcing couple has the prerogative to choose any individual as their mediator, they should keep in mind that the person they choose should be able to let them work out the various details of the divorce quickly and in as fair a manner as possible.

Divorce Mediators

Mediators are often selected to facilitate negotiations between two emotionally wrought people in order to keep the issue out of court. A few of the services that a mediator can provide in divorce proceedings are as follows:

  • Helping you and your spouse divide property and assets
  • Helping you reach a resolution regarding important matters such as child custody arrangements
  • Preventing stressful and non-constructive arguments with your spouse

Resolving your divorce through mediation can be much less time-consuming and stressful when you have the support of a quality mediator.


Taking the time to sufficiently prepare for a divorce will ensure that it proceeds smoothly and will allow the divorcing individuals to avoid the stress of potential legal complications, constant arguments, and disagreements that may arise from ill-planned proceedings. If you are seriously considering filing for a divorce, contacting a divorce lawyer will be an important first step. An experienced divorce attorney will help you understand how the divorce will proceed and can help guide you through the process with as little hassle and stress as possible.

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