Respecting Another Motorist’s right-of-way: Essential to Road Safety

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A motorcycle is defined as a two-wheel or three-wheel powered vehicle; to be allowed on public roadways, however, it should prove compliance with state and federal certification standards and should be licensed or registered (except in the case of a light scooter or a moped, which has an engine smaller than 50cc).

In 2012, based on records from the US Department of Transportation, the three states with the highest number of registered motorcycles were California, with 801,803, Florida, which had 574, 176, and Texas, with 438,551.

Though cars are now the most common means of transportation among Americans, it cannot be denied that the fame of motorcycles is continuously rising in all 50 states, instigating federal and state governments, as well as private organizations to keep on reminding drivers and motorcycle riders to always observe road courtesy to help ensure everyone’s safety on public roads.

One very clear observance of road courtesy is recognition of a motorcyclist’s right-of-way. Respecting another motorist’s, especially a motorcyclist’s right-of-way helps to promote traffic safety; failure to do so, however, usually leads to vehicular accidents.

When accidents involving motorcycles occur, the chances of riders sustaining severe injuries are very likely due to the very little protection that riders have. It is common knowledge among personal injury lawyers how bikers are much more prone to suffer traumatic injuries or even lose their lives in the event of a crash, compared to other motorists. This is because aside from a helmet and padded suit, motorcycle riders have nothing else to protect themselves against the force of impact during collision.

Determining the real and most direct cause of a motorcycle accident can be difficult without a careful and thorough investigation by a seasoned motorcycle accident or personal injury lawyer. While the cause of an accident may be road defect, motorcycle defect, reckless driving, intoxicated motorist, distracted driving or aggressive driving, there is one factor that is almost always present: negligence.

Because negligence is a totally preventable thing, this makes accidents totally preventable too. Careless motorists, therefore, can be ordered by courts to compensate anyone who may get injured due to their careless behavior.

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Personal Injury Settlement Negotiation Process

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Negotiating a settlement following a personal injury claim can be pretty much a bargaining process. You and your lawyer will present a certain amount of compensation based on your presented evidence of damages, and the defendant’s insurance company or layer will try to argue over the amount and haggle their price. It may take some time to get to an agreement because neither side may not have a fixed idea on the amount to be paid or received and some law firms want to talk about the fee. It is therefore vital to be prepared on the several stages of the negotiation process. You have to have the necessary evidence (investigation, demand letters, supporting documents), know how the amount of which you are willing to settle for, and determine if you’re need for immediate settlement.

After you have sent your demand letter, you will soon hear from the insurance adjuster, and the settlement negotiation will begin. It usually takes within a week or two for the insurance adjuster to call you, but this can depend in the insurance adjuster’s schedule and how busy they are. The insurance adjuster may also need time to go over your injury settlement claims and talk with their client (the defendant) regarding the accident.

If the insurance adjuster responded with a “reservation of rights” letter, don’t be alarmed. This letter is aimed to inform you of their company’s right to investigate your claim and they reserve their right to withhold payment if they prove that the accident is not covered under their policy. It may be distressing to receive such notice, but you don’t have to be intimidated with it because it only notifies you of the insurance company’s right to protect themselves from fraudulent claims or acknowledging the coverage of their policy without performing an investigation. They also reserve their right to negotiate with you regarding your injury settlement claims, but it the letter would not determine how the insurance company will respond to your claims; this is be determined by the facts and evidence you present.

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Uninsured and Underinsured Driver Accident Claims

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When you believe that you have been involved in a car accident with another driver who does not have insurance, one of the important things you should do first is to notify your insurer are soon as possible in order for them to know that you the intention of filing for an insured claim. This is because there are insurance companies that have strict policies regarding deadlines for their insured when it comes to notifying possible uninsured claims, therefore delaying can prove fatal to your claim. When the other driver informs you that he or she does not have insurance or if they are withdrawing from providing you insurance information, you should immediately notify your insurer about your plans for filing an uninsured claim, since they often take longer to process and develop. Insurance claims require you to gather and present evidence to make a valid legal claim. Underinsured drivers coverage is applicable only if the negligent driver’s insurance policy limits is below your own underinsured driver coverage. Filing a claim against your insurer for underinsured driver coverage will help to cover for the amount of damages that exceed the negligent driver’s coverage. As stated earlier, an underinsured or uninsured insurance claim may take longer to develop because it may take a while for you and your lawyer to determine value of the accident. Just as with a regular car accident claim, underinsured or uninsured driver claims follow the same patterns and would require presentation of evidence and a trial. However, if settlement between you and your insurance provider is made, you have no legal right to sue the insurance provider after the agreement.

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Check Out This Article For Great Advice About Lawyers

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There’s no such thing as a minor legal woe, and you do not want anything less than the best. Finding the right one is not easy all the time, but it is a good decision. Fortunately, this article is packed with tips and ideas to facilitate optimal decision-making.

A good tip if you’re looking to bring on a lawyer is to make sure you thoroughly investigate whether or not a certain lawyer will be a good fit. It’s generally a good idea to go over a few different lawyers at a time and compare them to eac

Make a budget when it comes to paying for legal fees. If you contact an attorney and they are above your price range, try to find someone else. While there is nothing wrong with going a little over your budget, you do not want to choose a lawyer that you will have trouble trying to pay.

Do not hire a lawyer until you know more about their experience and their results. A young lawyer might be more affordable but you will definitely benefit from hiring a more experienced and more successful lawyer. If possible, try finding a lawyer who has positive experience with very similar cases. Check their websites to see if they have posted any results, like this one does

When you think about hiring a specialized lawyer, do you worry about the associated increase in fees? Well, what are you willing to pay for a positive outcome? Consider the cost of losing! Also consider that the savings in time of a specialist over a generalist will save you money, lowering the total bill.

A legal entanglement is never good. They can grow for pretty bad to horrible very quickly, especially if your lawyer is not up to snuff. With these tips, you are on your way to finding strong representation so that you’ll have the best chance of a good ending.

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Cool Ideas That Can Really Help You Understand Personal Injury

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There are many unexpected events in life, and getting an injury is one of them. You can get an injury, but how you deal with the settlement process will leave the biggest impression. The sole purpose of this briefing is to provide a basic understanding of various aspects of personal injury litigation. If you want to be as prepared as you possibly can be, you must read the article that is found below.

When hiring a personal injury lawyer, it is important to find a practitioner with vast experience working on behalf of plaintiffs, like the Abel Law Firm. By researching the lawyer’s background and experience, you will be sure that you are engaging the services of someone able to work diligently to secure the compensation you and your family deserve.

If you are contacted by an insurance company that claims it needs to take a statement for their investigations, refuse to say anything to them. The best thing to do in this situation is to give them the name of your attorney and tell them to call him if they have any questions or concerns.

When meeting with personal injury attorneys, schedule meetings with various attorneys before picking one. Many offer free consultations to see if they can handle your case. During these consultations, you can find out about any costs that you can expect, which can help you avoid someone with lots of extra fees or someone that overcharges.

Don’t be afraid to question your personal injury attorney. For instance, understanding their education background is important. If they have been out of school for a while, also ask about their efforts to continue their education. Have they attended any conferences or seminars? Have they completed online work? You want the person you work with to have fresh, current information about personal injury law.

It’s very important that you spend some time putting the advice in this article into practice. The lawyer you chose should only be interested in what is best for you, through what can be a long and arduous process. Personal injury cases generally are more than just black and white, so you must know what to do to succeed at them.

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