Workers are the driving force of any project. An organization cannot run without workers. Workers are those types of people who do manual jobs and these people fall under lower level workers. Due to manual jobs their chances of getting injured are much higher then the rest of the employees. Risk factor involved in their work can not be eliminated. In old days businessman use to treat these people as slaves and keep an inhuman behavior with them. This act was able to trigger social unrest in the country. To avoid this social unrest, people developed different organizations to protect the rights of labor. Certain rules were also created and now these rules are applied almost through out the world. The first rule was to provide insurance to these people protecting their health. This means, if worker is injured on work then the employer is responsible for it.

The second rule passed by this department to protect workers was the security of their job in case of accident. If a workers gets injured or disable then the job of that person will be returned to him when he will get back. The workers compensation clauses are diverse in different countries. In Brazil the govt. has given authority to their states to make rules and regulations. That is the reason because, which workers compensation is different in different states of Brazil. The govt. of Brazil has developed a department, which provides its services to employers as well as employees. According to the rules of this department the organization pays the salary of worker for the 15 days only, if he gets injured or disables. From 16th say that department will pay the salary of that person. Visit us of these workers compensation websites gives the detail information of the department whereas the Click here tab provides information about the rules, which are entitled to workers.